Create a Blueprint for Success with AI Prompts and the Business Model Canvas


BMC Graphic/Define Parts of Canvas

Blocks 1 + 2

Define Product-Market Fit by identifying your Customer Segments and Value Proposition.

Who is going to use your product or service?

Validate your assumptions. Is your customer who you think they are? 

Are they in as much pain as you think they are? 

How is your product going to solve your customer’s problem/pain?

How many potential customers are out there with a problem they want you to solve?

TAM, SAM, SOM calculations

How are you going to make money? 

Where are your customers spending time or seeking solutions?

How are you going to reach your customers?

How will you support and relate to your customers after they become customers?

Who are your competitors?

What are their business models?

What can you learn from them?

Now, let’s use all the info from the blocks in your business model canvas to train ChatGPT to help you write authentic marketing content. 

From marketing emails to website copy, and content calendars to social media strategies, these prompts will make your life a whole lot easier!