Virtual Collective


Whether you need a lot or a little, Virtual Collective uses a data driven roadmap to guide your business to the next level.

The first stop on our data-driven roadmap is an audit. Whether you are vetting a new idea or have already launched your business, this audit will take you on a deep dive to show you everything you possibly wanted to know and didn’t know you needed to know about your brand. 

A Brand Audit Includes:

  • Full Company and Industry Analysis 
  • Technical Audit (Website Health)
  • Content Evaluation / User Experience
  • A roadmap that provides next step recommendations

An Industry Audit Includes: 

  • Company Framework and Customer Discovery
  • Industry and Competitor Analysis
  • Content and Lead Generation Recommendations
  • A roadmap that provides next step recommendations

The goal is to show you where your company fits within your industry online and off.

Websites aren’t just for people. We create websites that not only look pretty for customers but make the search engines happy too. We utilize technical SEO and structured data to integrate your company’s unique voice into a data-collection framework that ensures a steady flow of organic traffic. Translation, customers will be able to find you better.

We build custom websites on WordPress/WooCommerce or Shopify. Ask us about our managed WordPress hosting and Shopify site management services.

Every company needs a data collection framework but few know how to build that out. By using our data-driven roadmap, we will build measurable organic sales funnels on an optimized website using unique content suited for YOUR customers. We track everything on a custom dashboard to help you know what’s working and what isn’t. Over 12-months we will evaluate all monthly reports and help you understand and meet your goals. 

Marketing Services Include: 

  • Website Management
  • Ecommerce Strategy and Buildout 
  • Content Strategy and Execution
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Ads Strategy and Execution
  • Ongoing Technical SEO Management
  • Data Dashboard Reporting
We know firsthand that sometimes it’s better to learn by doing. Starting a small business is challenging and EXPENSIVE. If you aren’t quite ready to hire us on retainer and are willing to get your hands dirty, our coaching program is a seven week path to organic growth. We will cover defining your company’s framework (mission statement, customer persona and value proposition), develop a realistic content calendar for you to execute, and help you build and track two sales funnels for your existing website.

What you will learn:

  • Prior to Kick-off: Connect All platforms and tools to website
  • Week 1: Introduction- What is Organic Marketing? Overview of the program and sales funnel
  • Week 2: Brand Value Proposition
  • Week 3: Customer Persona(s)
  • Week 4: Awareness: Audit of Social Profiles and Outreach
  • Week 5: Interest: Website Overview – Lead Gen Opportunities
  • Week 6: Desire: Email Nurture Series
  • Week 7: Goals and Metrics: Basic Tracking + Content Calendar


Not sure where to start when it comes to understanding your company’s data?

Our course, Know Your Data, Know Your Customer, teaches you how to clarify your brand’s message and define your ideal customers. Before you spend a dime on any marketing efforts you need to develop your company’s message and define a measurable customer persona. This course simplifies the process for you in three easy-to-understand lessons.

What you will learn:

  • How to write a mission statement that clearly defines exactly your company’s purpose.
  • How to write a value proposition from your customer’s perspective and how your product will help them.
  • How to define a measurable customer persona—a detailed story of your perfect customer.




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