Alto IRA Comprehensive Brand Audit Report

Step 1: Company Framework

Step One | Key Points

Define Customer Personas Investor, Advisor, Issuer

Define Value Proposition(s) for each customer persona

Define Customer Journeys for each customer

Define Alto Glossary for consistent use of terminology for all Content and Marketing efforts

Value Proposition(s)

  1. Need Value Proposition for Investors
  2. Need Value Proposition for Advisors
  3. Need Value Proposition for Issuers

Re-visit Alto's Mission Statement: Any Changes?

To democratize alternative asset investing. We give people the access and help they need to invest in what they want using their IRA savings. We make it easy for companies and funds to accept IRA investments both directly and via crowdfunding platforms.


Investor A already uses ALTO.
Investor B has been invited to ALTO by an Issuer that has created an offering.
Investor C has previously invested in real estate/alternative assets using Self-Directed IRA funds but thinks there has to be an easier way.
Investor D has been sent to ALTO by his advisor.
Investor E has an IRA fund or trust and wants to learn about investing in alternative assets using retirement funds.


Company A already had investors and uses ALTO to transfer funds raised.
Company B has investors lined up but just needs a simplified way to execute the transaction.
Partner A is a crowdfunding platform that sends companies to ALTO as a trusted resource to help them execute investment transactions with investors using retirement funds.
Company C is raising funds on a crowdfunding platform and looking for investors.
Advisor A manages client’s self-directed IRA investments and would love a simplified way to execute alternative asset transactions.
Company D wants to learn more about how to qualify as an “alternative asset” investment opportunity.


Similar Product (Minus Platform Advantage) Still Dominant Online

Investment groups with a Self-Directed IRA product.

Not the Same Type of Product but Still competing with in search results


  • ALTO has simplified the self-directed/alternative asset investment process making IRA assets more accessible to make non-traditional investments with.

 According to the Investment Company Institute (ICI), Americans have more than $28 trillion of assets in retirement accounts including $9 trillion in IRAs. And, while it has always been allowed to invest in alternatives with an IRA, only about one percent of IRA assets are invested that way.

  • Proven that both investors and issuers find a need for this product and trust it enough to use for investments.
  • Crowdfunding platform partnerships provide several layers of opportunities for growth, education, backlinks, and website traffic.
  • Accessing the Financial Advisor market, once the platform user experience has been fine tuned, is a promising (lucrative) customer niche to cater to.


  1. Website offers a confusing User Experience.
  2. Explainer video(s) that demonstrates what the platform is to clarify product for new users before scheduling an official demo.
  3. Automating the New User Account Creation in order to scale.
  4. Being intentional about consistant verbiage use at all times in all content.
  5. A lot of possible customer personas is a good problem, but they all need logical customer journeys and distinct touchpoints that need to be mapped out and tracked for engagement.
  6. The information that the Investor, Advisor and Issuer need are different and we need to make sure the ALTO homepage is a clear jumping off point for all three of them try and get them to where they need to go in 3 clicks or less.
  7. Building/testing/launching the Advisor Platform feature ASAP.
  8. Opt-ins and Email Marketing Strategy

Step 2: Technical Audit

Step Two | Key Points

Website is technically sound.

Site hierarchy/navigation needs to be cleaned up.

Not much on-page SEO/optimization.

Desktop page load speed is fast. Mobile page load speed is slow.

Google Analytics is connected correctly.

No presence of structured data found (except on TrustPilot reviews).

Cross-Browser testing confirmed solid desktop experience, mobile experience needs attention.

Hosting Provider Assessment

Webflow platform provides hosting services.

Site is healthy. Note: If you ever want to export your code you will need to be on the paid account versions. 

Website Page Speed

Pingdom Desktop Speed Score = C

Google Desktop Speed Score = 85

Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-friendly complient, but loadtime is considered slow by Google.

Google Analytics / Google Search Console Setup

Evidence of Structured Data

The only structured data is embeded in the Trust Pilot reviews.

Example of a bare minimum appearance of rich text on a competitor’s website.

Cross-Browser Desktop Testing

Cross-Platform Mobile Testing

Step 3: Audit Roundup

Step Three | Key Points

There is a lot of useful data to be found in these reports.

The reports thoroughly cover the existing investor customer and the low-level recurring website recommendations.

Still missing an on-site/off-site content strategy that will be vauable to customers AND search engines.

Windfall Report

Elysion Report

Josh Spilker Report

Step 4: Off-Page SEO Audit

Step Four | Key Points

Social Media is good to keep up with your channels even if it is strictly for the benefit leveraging their search engines. Your odds of showing up higher in SERPs increase if you have regular, “active-ish” content.

Email Marketing: Existing emails need to be reviewed and re-aligned to reflect customer journeys. Creating a nurture series for each customer journey is strongly recommended.

Partnerships: Highlight more partner news on social media and blog posts. Perfect linking opportunity!



It’s good to have the same user name for both accounts, if possible, but not urgent. Both accounts need some attention, but are fine visually and technically.

Twitter @alto_ira

LinkedIn @altoira

Email Campaign Strategy

Creating an email marketing strategy is essential for building the kind of customer community that you are seeking.

A nurture email series would be good to create for each primary customer profile which would also allow for more A/B testing opportunities. This would allow you to validate and refine messaging for each customer. This knowledge can then be transferred to any paid ad campaigns, increasing ROI and overall effectiveness.

Capturing a list of interested customers who find Alto organically online and opt-in to Alto’s email list is essential to the long-term growth of your customer base. Those are the customers who aren’t quite ready to invest, but want to know more. This is one of the most valuable (and cost effective) way to find your next customer.

Relationships / Partnerships with Crowdfunding Platforms

All of the current partners listed on the site need to be included in the social media and blog post content rotations to leverage their presence on the site.

Step 5: Content Evaluation

Step Five | Key Points

Website: There is plenty of content on the site right now that can be reorganized to align with customer parameters established in Step One.

FAQs: Need to be organized by customer type, How-To Guides separated into their own section, and structured data applied to the FAQ pages that answer the top questions of each customer.

Blog: Update and integrate more as a visible resource on the website and LinkedIn/Twitter. Suggest seeking guest post opportunities on other relevant publications.

Keywords: Until there is an aligned, measurable content strategy for each customer there is no context for whether keyword usage is adding any benefit.

Proposed Homepage Layout

FAQs Page

Where are the FAQ pages pulling from? The different URL appeared to be problamatic for Google.

Add invitational question above search bar to invite engagement. (see Robinhood help page example below.)


  • Blog needs to be more prominent on site (corner popup, clearer opt-in forms, searchable)
  • Post more on LinkedIn/Twitter from the website.
  • Link content internally to FAQs and site pages where relevant.

Current Top Keywords Used On-site

diversify your retirement savings
diversify your retirement
your retirement savings
retirement savings
your retirement

Step 6: Recommendations and Next Steps

  1. Customer Profiles / Value Propositions / Alto Glossary
  2. Customer Journeys
  3. Website Re-organization / Content Shuffle / Add Structured Data
  4. Automate New User Account Creation Process
  5. Build out Advisors Platform/Content