Virtual Collective

Know your data,
know your customer

How to understand data for your small business.

It's time to stop guessing.

Your customers are expecting you to know what they want and need, and the only way to know that is by collecting and analyzing data. The only way to know which data to collect and analyze is through customer discovery.

This course will help you clarify your company’s message by helping you define your value proposition, write a mission statement, and identify your primary customer persona.

We won’t even hit you with a bunch of numbers, charts, and graphs. We focus on making sure that you have all the fundamental pieces in place to help you gather data that you will actually find valuable. Everything you will learn in this course is crucial to the health of your business and should be used to make ALL of your future marketing decisions.

In this course you will learn how to

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Establish a firm data foundation and get crystal clear on your measurable customer profile.

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Start collecting the right kind of data that will help you make better marketing decisions.
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Confidently execute your data-backed marketing strategy that delivers a great return on your investment.

Effective marketing strategies start here.

Before you spend a dime on any marketing efforts you need to develop your company’s message and define a measurable customer persona so you know who you are marketing to. This course simplifies the process for you in three easy-to-understand lessons that will give you the foundation you need to make smarter decisions with confidence.

How do you know if this course is for you?

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You’ve built and operated a small business for a few years but don’t know how to reach new customers.
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You know how important data is but Google Analytics feels too daunting to spend the time figuring out.
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You have tried to develop a customer persona before but aren’t really sure how to use one to grow your business.
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You would love for somebody to cut through the marketing jargon and teach you something you can not only understand but immediately apply.