Cash Color Comprehensive Brand Audit Report

Step 1: Identify Company Framework

Step One | Key Points

All of the information in this section was provided by you and/or confirmed by our research.

We will refine the following items once we determine which customer journey you want to start working on first.

Value Proposition

Mission Statement

Customer Personas

Value Proposition

Our abstract letter prints are personalized moments designed to help modern families celebrate and remember their most important milestones.

More than just a line of fun, affordable abstract art prints, Cash Color designs are personalized moments that help people celebrate and remember their most important milestones.

Current Tagline: Bright hearts, bright art, bright homes

Mission Statement

To create meaningful, unique art that helps bring memories into living spaces as a reminder of a moment in time that they loved.

I make art to hold on to a moment in time that I loved. It helps me remember different stages in life. An art collection is like a life story. Each piece representing an impactful time.

Customer Profile No. 1


Modern moms ages 35-44 seeking abstract letter art for modern home and nursery decor.

Women ages 35-44 looking for affordable abstract art for their homes, or to give as gifts, that are unique, abstract/modern.

Female realtors ages 35-44 buying closing gifts for first/new home buyers.

Customer Profile No. 2


Regional and National Tradeshows: Playtime, Merchandise Mart, Made South (Holiday)

Local Stockists: Rock+Paper+Scissors, The Get Along, Arcade, White Mercantile, The Community (Charleston)

National Stockists: Anthropologie, Maisonette, Nordstrom, Pottery Barn Kids, Crate&Kids, Modern Nursery, Uncommon Goods, West Elm, Lulu and Georgia, Chasing Paper, One Kings Lane

Boutique Hotels and Office Spaces

Pop-ups: Madewell, West Elm


Pencil & Paper Co. – Happy, sophisticated, modern, high end. Doing framed letter art. Different style, same concept.

Ampersand Design Studio

Chasing Paper – peace sign, bright happy fun art and home decor, wallpapers

Moglea – artful objects, artsy, prints, cards, energy, color, joy, handcrafted, abstract, modern

Etsy Peace Sign

Pottery Barn Kids Peace Sign


Other brands feature font letter prints, not hand-painted designs.

Hand-printed in small batches

Comissions, Custom Orders


There are a lot of print designs online in a varity of quality levels. We’ll need to play with keywords and Paid Ads strategies to get CashColor positioned correctly in search results.

A blog is essential to help establish the lifestyle/artist vibe

Framing options need to be developed.

Step 2: Technical Audit

Step Two | Key Points

Site speed, clarity of content, and supportive content that connects people to your brand are important for any website, but especially eCommerce sites.

The areas covered in this section might not seem very impactful, but it is crucial that we fix/improve these issues if we want to create smooth customer experience on the site that also keeps the search engines happy.

Hosting Provider Assessment

Shopify platform provides hosting services.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is in use via Shopify.

Website Speed Test

Page performance needs to be improved by implementing some of these recommendations.

The Google Page Speed performance grade for

41/100 (mobile)

88/100 (desktop)


Pingdom Page Speed Tool gave

69/100 (desktop)

Website Speed Test

Site is Mobile Friendly but with 9 slow loading / page speed errors listed. These need to be evaluated and seriousness determined. That can impact search results.

As the previous Site Speed tab page speed performance on mobile can be improved.

Desktop Cross-Browser Test Results

Mobile Cross-Browser Test Results

Google Analytics / Google Search Console Setup

When I originally tested it showed as having a Google tracking Pixel. But today it did not show an active pixel. We’ll need to investigate the whole setup and pixel installment in order to get better data in this section.


Consistent image sizes and Alt tags are needed throughout the site. Search engines love images and you can embed a lot of useful information on the backend that impact ranking factors.


Opt-in Forms / Internal Site Links

Decode Your Decor Quiz [Announcement Bar]

Quiz worked well, great info, but flow needs to be re-worked to get the content out of the pop-up and into a few blog posts, each type could be a post that you can link users to to increase the time they spend on your site.

Melody was a Seer/Believer; there could be a blog post with all the info in the results. (It took 5 pages of screenshots to get it all!)

IDEAS: I like the quiz idea, but we need to re-think the customer touchpoints and content placement to make it a little more useful for driving traffic and developing the target customer relationships; it’s ok to weed out the ones that don’t fit your target customers too; Incorperating some questions to help segment your audience could be useful such as: [new baby/nursery decor], [first apartment/hand signs], [new house/family name letters, or hand signs], etc.; include a mini unlinked “moodboard” of famous artist / styles and include a mini collection of your art for purchase and examples of how others have used it); “Shop Your Style” button just took me to the “Shop All” store section and did not display any personalized selections.

15% Discount [Row Displays Above Footer w/ Opt-in Form]

Form works; Received Discount code via Klavio email

IDEAS: A pop-up with the code could be more efficient for this type of ecommerce purchase. Keep the email for newsletters and special offers; Make sure code is set for one-time use

Join our family! [Footer Opt-in Form]

Form works; wording needs to be clarified above the form; what happens after they join the family? What do they get for giving you their email? (newsletter)

Step 3: On-Page SEO

Step Three | Key Points

The work on your website needs to take priority before we can work on any outbound content, we have to make sure we are leading them back to a solid site for users and search engines.

We will want to start working on implementing the structured data and cleaning up the site index and URL structures ASAP.

Step 4: Off-Page SEO Audit

Step Four | Key Points

A blog should be implemented on the website along with a custom content keyword map to align on customer-facing content. We can change the usernames and profile pictures on social media to create more consistency and utilize the features in Klaviyo to create custom nurture emails series for each customer profile.

Social Media channel traffic and engagement

All three accounts need to have the same usernames (change Pinterest to @cash.color), create a profile pic that will work for all three channels, and come up with a consistent tagline that will work on all three.


Instagram Notes: Set up LinkTree, set up facebook shop to be able to tag products in Instagram posts, follow more people, target partners, show more art, tell more stories, post quotes!


Pinterest Notes: We have to get more of YOUR art on Pinterest. And we need to set up the shoping feature in Pinterest to allow people to shop in Pinterest.

Ads could be worth your while in Pinterest, as well as posting to other boards of like-minded people. A good way to tell your story and capture your vibe!


Facebook Notes: There were some weird glitchy things happening on facebook, I think the video might be too large? We need to set it to mute so that when it auto-plays it isn’t loud. I think Instagram and Pinterest are more valuable than Facebook, but we still need a strategy for how we are going to keep facebook at least current with a post a week because that is where a lot of your customers still are.

Email Campaign Strategy

Klavio Current List Size

Would like to dig in deeper with this tool and understand why there are over 600 profiles but only 200+ email subscribers.

Klavio Current Automated Campaigns

We have a lot of options for automated campaigns connected to actions taken on Shopify and with the newsletter signup list. Would like to talk through the campaigns already set up and the engagement on these.


Klavio Past Campaign Results

These are showing a promising open rate. Need to set a consistent publishing schedule and strategic promotions for each email newsletter campaign.

Relationships / Partnerships with people who could become influencers

Staging: sister-in-law, realtors

Instagram: accounts to reach out to?


Need to think through which tradeshows work on the calendar for 2020 and start thinking through who you want to target at each show and set up an email campaign for buyers and a stockists page on your website.

Step 5: Content Evaluation

Step Five | Key Points

Making some tweaks to the quiz and the newsletter signup forms will improve your user experience. Once we have more content, we can create a “no dead-end” experience for customers visiting your website.


We need to make blogging a priority.

A blog is the best way to connect internal links, publish interviews with partners you want to feature, tell “Letter Stories,” and give customers some context for the community/lifestule vibe you are wanting to grow into.

Content Keywords

(See keyword list for industry and products in the Google Sheet above.)

We also need to determine a content keyword strategy that will help guide all the content creation efforts.

Landing Pages

Optimize Landing Pages to go with events, collections, special offers, etc.

Marketing Funnel

Align content creation efforts to match the sales funnel.


Once we know which customer journey we will focus on first we can start working on a plan for how you want your tone and “language” to be on the site that we can use throughout the website and any marketing efforts.

Step 6: Recommendations and Next Steps

  1. Website Overhaul
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Wholesale Strategy
  4. Content and Promotional Strategy