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We are two passionate unfiltered women trying to teach other business owners the sh*t they didn’t know they needed to know when starting a business.



Shannon has a knack for taming chaos with her organizational skills. She has a decade of project management experience and built the Virtual Collective Network of freelance contractors. Over time she started noticing the same problem that kept derailing projects and frustrating both clients and team members – a lack of concrete data necessary to make smart marketing decisions. While she admits that understanding the nuances of digital data does not rank very high on her list of things that excite her, she believes it is crucial for every business owner to have a clear understanding of the data they need to collect (as well as how to collect) it in order to make empowered decisions for their brand.

Shannon has two daughters, Elsie (9) and Maisie (5) and lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Benji and their pit bull, Penny.



Melody is on a mission to teach small business owners how to access and understand digital data so they can make better business decisions. She became hooked on data when she started seeing results from implementing SEO strategies after launching their first website for their company. When she saw how their clients were struggling with many of the same issues she wanted to figure out a better way to explain why data matters. Calling on her background in education she began trying new ways to teach clients how to identify the data that they needed to start collecting in order to establish a solid foundation they can use to grow their businesses too. 

Melody lives in Marfa, TX with her faithful dog Rose while her grown up children live and study across the US. Mary (22- Chattanooga) and Luke (19 – Nashville)


Our Approach

Before we start making recommendations for how we can help grow your business, we have to figure out what you need. Every client who joins the Virtual Collective is guided through our data-driven roadmap to ensure their customers’ needs are met with a direct solution.
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First, we run your entire business through an INTENSIVE audit. We deep-dive into all of the data available about your brand, your customers, your industry, and we make a checklist of all the work to be done in building your data-collection framework.

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Next, using the data collected in the audit, we work together to build your company’s story by defining the unique value your company offers and your specific customers. With those pillars in mind, we begin to map out unique content for your website, email, and social media.

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Then, we develop an organic marketing strategy that is built around specific goals that align with your company’s stage of growth. This could mean brand awareness, website traffic, email list building, customer retention, etc.

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Last, but not least, we build a custom data dashboard to monitor and measure all of the work we are doing and empower you, the business owner, to make the best possible marketing decisions based on actual data! (this is our favorite part)


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