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Shannon Ware

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At age 21, Shannon was hired as an executive assistant to the owner of a small indie record label. She managed tours, press events, packaging and distribution for five bands while simultaneously handling all office responsibilities and travel arrangements for the staff and talent. Burned out from all of the traveling, late night meetings and effort required to help musicians “make it,” she left the industry at age 24 in search of a fresh start in a well-structured organization. Then, as a marketing account manager at a small business called Motiveight in Nashville, Shannon found solace in a small office environment and enjoyed working for a man who truly wanted to improve his client’s brands and their overall well-beings. It was at this job that she learned the difference between “clients” and “partners” and how easy it is to love what you do when you love who you are working for. When he was offered an incredible opportunity, her boss dissolved the company, and Shannon entered the freelance world.

After a short time-out from the work force to have a baby and get married, Shannon took a part-time project manager position for a small marketing company. As one of five contractors on a virtual team for a fast-growing agency, she helped build a team of more than 20 talented contractors. She recruited, interviewed, hired, trained and offered ongoing support for each contractor for more than a year before realizing this was her calling. She realized that businesses need a virtual team specialist to understand their projects and products and to hand-pick certified and talented contractors to get the job done, on time and within budget. At the same time, she understands the importance of supporting freelancers who need a little extra help getting organized and taking their skillset to the next level. By offering training, certification and a community of fellow freelancers, Shannon is now able to provide a home for the new face of business development through Virtual Collective.

She loves people, especially those who work hard and have a desire to partner with businesses and offer impressive solutions. She loves the idea of talking to a client who feels lost or hopeless and opening their eyes to a solution, while at the same time giving hard-working and talented freelancers steady, reliable work.